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Puppies Found Cover With Blood And Injured Mother Who Couldn’t Urinate For Long Time !

Unfortunately, the dog mom couldn’t survive, but at least she saw her puppies in safe hands… The mother and her 4 cubs were found by the lady on Christmas 2019. The lady tried to catch the dog mom and her babies who were all covered in blood but failed because mom was completely scared! The […]

Dog Started Acting Strange Near The Baby, Parents Discovered Terrible Reason

When parents Benjamin and Hope noticed that the dog suddenly started acting strange they knew something was wrong. It’s been short time since they moved to their new home in South Carolina and were looking for a nanny to babysit their baby boy Finn. They posted an ad and shortly after young woman Alexis Khan […]

English Mastiff Starved And Thrown From Car Wags Her Tail Every Time She Sees Her Rescuer

When she was first rescued, she weighed only 60 lbs, but wait until you see her now…wow! An English Mastiff was found thrown somewhere outside in a horrible condition, she weighted only a 3rd of what she normaly should. It’s sad to know that many other helpless animals end up like this. Thanks to a […]

Husky With Mangled Legs Smiles & Wags So They Don’t Walk Passed Him Again

This helpless Husky is puting so much effort waging his tail and smiling so people will notice him and give him some help.. This sweet Husky was found abandoned and extremely injured! Someone had harmed him and further tortured him by cutting his ear also. Also read: Stray Puppy With His Ear Torn Off Cried […]

This Adorable Fluffy Poodle Is Going Viral For Its Human-like Expressions!

Internet users all around the world are making memes of this very human-like face fluffy poodle. Little Kokoro has many pictures of human-life expressions and people are melting! Some are saying that he is “similar” to Bob Ross. Kokoro became quickly famous on social media with his followers reaching 120k and over 3k posts. Much […]

Loyal Dog Jumps On Ambulance To Follow Its Master To The Hospital After He Fell Ill While Walking His Pet In Brazil!

“The love this dog has for his owner is something very special” Driving home the night before, Anderson Bahi witnessed something he will not soon forget… It was a place of affection in its purest form! “I was passing in my car once I saw an ambulance stopped on the opposite side of the road,” […]

Alien Scenes: Sky Blue Dogs Filmed In Russia!

For now, they are under observation to find out exactly what happened and whether their health is endangered! Locals noticed them around an abandoned chemical plant called Dzerzhinskoye Orgsteklo. Also read: Dog Filmed Begging Owner Not To Abandoned Him, Now He Can’t Stop Wagging His Tail ! Having bright blue fur, the dogs were photographed […]