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Sick mother dog pleads man to not abandon her and her newborn puppies in a heartbreaking footage

A heartbreaking footage has been circulating on social media recently. In the video, a mother dog is seen pleading a man to not leave her and her puppies behind. In a clip posted by Kluang Johor Stray Dog Home, a man is seen driving his car into the compound of a a rescue shelter. He […]

Homeless Dog Went Viral After People Shared A Picture Of It Sleeping With A Stuffed Animal

Here at SmallJoys we always want to thank the selfless volunteers, whether they’re working to working to help a lonely neighbor, saving a beached Orca whale, or other amazing charity work we always love them for their work. Volunteers are amazing for their work and they make the world better for everyone. Meet the dedicated […]

Pet Owner Knew His Dog Was Pregnant But Never Expected It To Be Extra Special

Puppies are the cutest things, aren’t they? They’re so adorable when they’re snuggling and snoring. They always steal our hearts, especially when they’re doing super cute things on video! In this amazing video you can watch Diva give birth to THIRTEEN puppies! Yup! 13! Incredible! Diva is a 3-year-old Staffordshire who has been in a relationship […]

Heroic mother dog went through a blazing fire multiple times to rescue her puppies

Recently, heart-breaking photos of a mother dog rescuing her 10-day-old puppies from a house fire have gone viral on the Internet. The mother dog risked her life multiple times to get all her puppies to safety after the fire broke out. The German Shepherd mother dog which is called Amanda ignored the raging fire and […]

Pit Bull Saved Baby Girl From House Fire As It Pulled The Girl By Her Diaper

Nana Chaichanhda, a Californian mother, was woken up at 10 pm by her 8-month-old pit bull, on June 3. She and her seven-month-old daughter were sleeping peacefully when they woke up with a start when they heard continuous banging on their backyard door. The dog was trying to warn her owners of the fire that […]

Anxious Dog Would Not Stop Barking, Leads His Owner To Save Elderly Woman In Dark

This story shows us that dogs are man’s best friend. It speaks about 28-year-old owner, Abby and her 5-year-old dog, Bruce, who started barking and acting strange in one morning. Abby knew that there was something wrong as her dog was a calm and a quiet dog. He sat at the front door sniffing and […]

Dying Dog Refuses To Leave This World Before Helping His Abused Friend To Walk Again

Having someone by your side is so important. As if we’ve someone by our side, we can go through everything. Two dogs in Saint Louis proved how important to stay by your friends to rescuers. When the rescuers got a call about a poor injured pooch had been abandoned in a domestic garden, they directly […]