International Dog Day On August 26: Everything You Need To Know


International Dog Day encourages people across the globe to adopt more dogs. It was founded by animal welfare advocate and pet lifestyle expert Colleen Paige.

Hailed as the man’s best friend, dogs are adorable and loyal creatures, and therefore, millions of people keep dogs as their pets. Dogs make our homes happier. After a day’s work, dogs help you relax and rewind.

However, much like everything else, dogs too have become status symbols. People with means often go for the most exotic dog breeds. International Dog Day which is celebrated on August 26 every year, assumes significance as the day encourages people across the globe to adopt more dogs instead of buying them from pet shops.

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The day, aimed at saving stray dogs, was founded by animal welfare advocate and pet lifestyle expert Colleen Paige. He chose August 26 to be International Dog Day as his family first adopted a dog named Sheltie on this date. Paige, who is also a dog trainer, has written several books on dog behaviour and how to treat a pet.

Due to the popularity of dogs as pets, International Dog Day is slowly becoming popular in several nations. The day puts a spotlight on thousands of stray dogs who need love and care. It also encourages local authorities to rescue the canines. This is especially important as many dogs face abuse and are harmed by lunatics. The occasion is a reminder to people to do their bit to provide a good life to dogs irrespective of their shape, size and breed.

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The best way to celebrate this day is to adopt a dog and give it a good life. If you are already a pet owner, get them tested for any possible disease. Also, you may consult a veterinarian to figure out the best diet for your dog. Reading about practices that cause them harm and avoiding such acts is also a good idea. Besides making donations to organisations working for dogs is also a noble way to celebrate International Dog Day.

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