Viral Video Shows A Dog Saves Pup From Drowning In Thailand

Viral Video Shows A Dog Saves Pup From Drowning In Thailand

We have seen many videos of humans rescuing animals from being swept away by flood waters. However, now a video of a dog saving another puppy has surfaced. This video from the city of Lopburi in Thailand is currently going viral on the internet. Netizens are calling the dog in this video a real hero. He risked his life for a puppy drowning in a pond. It is said that the name of this brave dog is ‘Hand’. He has saved the life of a puppy named ‘Soh’. The whole incident was caught on CCTV cameras, and the video was posted on an Instagram handle. “A brave dog in Thailand rescued another small dog trapped in a pond in his front yard. This incident was caught on CCTV camera. The incident took place on August 5.” This video has been posted captioning such content.

What exactly happened

In the video, you can see that Han, a white dog, while playing in the yard of his house, suddenly falls into the pond. Unable to swim at this time, Han tries to come out by placing his front legs on the shore of the lake. Suddenly both his legs slip off and he goes completely into the water, and starts eating the grouper. Seeing this, Hand, a brown dog playing in the opposite house, runs to the pond, and looks around to see if anyone is around to help. However, seeing no one around to help, the Hand finally grabs Han in his mouth and pulls him out.


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Actually pulling out a drowning dog like this is a difficult task for anyone. But netizens are appreciating the work done by Hand without wasting time. Thousands of dog lovers around the world have commented on this video. “I was worried at first, but this dog survived because his friend was there. This is what friendship should be like.” Comments of such content are coming on this video. A dog is a very good friend not only to other dogs, but also to us. “Dogs are with us for everything from improving our mood, helping the disabled, saving lives, and saving lives.” A netizen expressed this opinion. Another netizen said, “This is why dogs are necessary in this world. Some people treat dogs very badly, but dogs are lovable. Especially for the persons who will feed them.” This video of August 5 is currently going viral on the internet.

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